Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

31 May 2004


Aaaaarrgh!  Vanessa says she is getting email after email from the cast.  Okay, I went over my schedule extremely meticulously.  Vanessa made me a calendar with very specific dates that people weren't going to be there.  Every date on their conflict sheets was on my "conflict calendar."  So I planned my rehearsals around these conflicts (there really were kind of a lot when it came down to it.) 
So BRITTNEY AND CYN AND SACHI all called to say that I scheduled them on days when they had written down conflicts.  NO.  NO, I DIDN'T.  YOU DID NOT WRITE YOUR FUCKING CONFLICTS DOWN, BITCHES!  It's not fine, either, because I was planning on working with Brittney for a good hour and fifteen minutes on that final monologue.  Time we will desperately need.  I know this.  Then one more of the cast members drops out.  So I am short another of the old men.  I am so fucking short on old men that I'm thinking about reversing my firm hatred for AARP.


Then my Petruchio wants to know why we're not having a read-through.  I emailed him back, "Because it's a damn waste of time."  Okay, maybe not those exact words.  But I am the director and I don't fucking feel like having a read-through.  Okay?  Okay?  Is that okay with everyone?

Happy post to follow.