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30 May 2008

Best Pictures

So I read today that Mike over at Goatdog's Movies has seen all but nine of the movies nominated for Best Picture.

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences has been nominating movies for its highest honor since 1928. A total of 463 films have been nominated for Best Picture. It's totally crazy to think that this guy has seen that many of these movies.
I have long held it a goal of mine to see all the movies ever nominated for any Academy Award (I have seen them all every year since 1999), but there is no category that I am even close to being done with. This is mostly because I get distracted by watching good movies and often the Academy does not exactly nominate movies I know I will love (The Greatest Show on Earth, anyone?). So I watch old Japanese stuff or brilliant films like The Spirit of the Beehive because I know I will like them instead of sticking to my goal and renting old BP nominees like The Hollywood Revue of 1929.

Anyway, after reading that Mike is so far along on this list, I thought I would look and see how many Best Picture nominees I had left to see...

77! Seems like a lot. Over half of those are from 1930s, too. Strange that I have seen so few.

Compare that with how many of the Best Director nominees I have still to see: only 35 out of the 396 nominees.

This is all nonsense, of course.