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26 May 2009

Words I Have Added to My Microsoft Word Dictionary

This is sort of a nerdy thing to do, I suppose, but I add words to my dictionary all the time (so that Word will catch them when I spell them incorrectly) and today I was wondering what kind of crazy words I have actually added to that dictionary. Anyway, here they are:

ableism / ableist — I have been studying Disability theory and these words come up all the time.
anilingus — I can't believe this wasn't already in Microsoft Word's standard dictionary already!
anticolonial / antihomophobic — These aren't really words, but I write them all the time.
Chicana — Microsoft Word is obviously racist. Am I the only person in the U.S. who talks about Chicanas? No.
depoliticization — I mean, no one uses this in conversation.
diasporic — This is probably not actually a word. Or maybe it should be capitalized. I don't really study postcolonialism, so I don't even know why I was using it.
erotics — Use it in a sentence: "Today I was thinking about the erotics of churchgoing and the eucharist."
fetishization / fetishized — We don't talk enough about fetishes, to my mind.
heterofemininity / heteronormative / heteronormativity / normativity — I wonder why I haven't added "heteromasculinity" yet. I use these words all the time.
heterotopian — I don't actually understand the concept of a heterotopia. Why is this here?
homosocial / hybridity / infantilization — How are these not in Word?
jouissance / sinthome — These are Lacanian terms, I understand why they aren't in Word.
lynchings — But this?? Word is racist.
medicalizing / pathologized / queercrip — More Disability Theory lingo.
moribundity — I feel like this is a standard word.
Nietzschean — I think I probably write this a lot more than I should. But Nietzsche is everywhere and if you don't put this in the dictionary you will always spell it wrong.
performative / performativity — Performance Theory.
phallocentric — Stop thinking about penises!
serostatus — I don't write about AIDS a lot, but I guess I do sometimes.
specular — I am not totally sure what this word means.
subjectification — I can never remember this word and I always need it.
synecdochically / terroristically — I like to make up adverbs.
transgressive — Um, this is a real word. Why isn't it in Word?
transhistorical — Across history.
transsexuality — Yeah, baby.
transvestism — Only for fun.
USAmerican — I always use this construction. Most everyone objects to it, but I like it. So I keep it.
voilà — :-)