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18 March 2013

Because I Often Need This Reminder

Students don't often write little notes telling me they liked a course or found the work I assigned useful. So when they do, it is good to keep a record. More for my own sanity than anything else: a reminder that I am not a useless teacher and that students sometimes find a course I teach impactful.

Since I use this blog as a way to remember things as well as a public forum, I hope this doesn't come across as (too) self-serving or arrogant. In any case, at the end of Winter Term 2013, these are the notes I got from students.

Thanks for a great term and interesting discussions on the topics of sexuality as they are portrayed in the theater. Have a great break. WH

Thanks for such a great class this term and all your help! I had so much fun and recommended all my friends who will be on next term to take your Paris theater class since I won't be on campus :( Have a great spring break! NW

Thanks for the wonderful term. I'm really glad I decided to step out of my comfort zone and take a chance on your class. Please let me know what time the department decides to offer your theater class next term – I may not be able to fit it into my schedule, but I may try to audit it. CJP

I had a great time in your class and I'm glad I chose to take this course (rather than taking another econ/math/dry quant course). CF

Thank you for a wonderful class. This has been my favorite class at Dartmouth so far and I thoroughly enjoyed reading and discussing so many interesting plays! Have a good spring term. KO

Sex & Drama was truly wonderful experience. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you. Thank you for being one of my favorite professors here (I'm not sucking up; it's true). Dartmouth has been an unforgettable experience, and I am glad you were a part of it. I've learned a lot, and am much more aware now. I wish you the best, wherever you may teach. I am positive that the students there will enjoy your classes, no doubt. All the best, Professor Thomas. JT

Thanks for what was honestly one of the very best classes I've taken at Dartmouth. This is coming from a senior w/ the easiest major (psych) and thus a shit ton of free class slots to take whatever i want. Considering taking another one of your classes next term despite never being interested in theater before this winter. Thanks again for such a great semester, see you in class next term! JC-B

I like it here. These young people are certainly a polite bunch.