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07 October 2013

Things about The Hobbit #2 We Know for Sure

Aaron: Now that I saw the Desolation of Smaug trailer in 3D, I think I am excited for it.
Caleb: Um, I'm withholding judgment here... Maybe it's better in 3D but I hope your love of dragons isn't blinding you to the serious decline in the dialog of the franchise.
Aaron: It is. Be sure of it.
Caleb: Yea. OK. At least you are honest about it. I think the quality of our dialog on this movie will be different:
Caleb: I feel like the narrative lacked focus and...
Aaron: Dragons!
Caleb: Yes, I take your point. I also feel that the visual storytelling....
Aaron: Dragons!
Caleb: Yes. Yes. Even Sir Ian's portrayal...
Caleb: Right. Right. Dragons.
Aaron: Hahahahaha. I am positive that you are correct. My IQ goes down like 50 points when dragons show up.