Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

12 April 2016


This movie, Ethiopia's selection for the 2016 Foreign Language Oscar, played at the Florida Film Festival today, and so I was finally able to see it.

Yared Zaleke's film is a sweet coming-of-age picture about a young man learning to be a grown person, i.e. learning to share what he has with those around him. It is a nice little film with a charming cast and a lovely little story.

Zaleke also beautifully places Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Ethiopians next to one another, and sees them living as friendly neighbors with one another, without the religious/racial hatred that usually adheres to these kinds of stories.

I am not usually into coming-of-age narratives, as you probably know (cf. Theeb, Hugo), but Lamb is very sweet and I enjoyed it even if I didn't love it.