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05 February 2006

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Quite frankly, I'm shocked that almost no one liked Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I had heard such bad things about this film, and then I watched it this morning and enjoyed it thoroughly. I thought it was absolutely hilarious and full of magic and fun. It's cartoony and silly and bizzare and, well, nearly perfect. I do think Johnny Depp is creepy and weird and that white makeup he's wearing is quite freakish, but he's just so funny in the movie.

I liked Charlie better than Corpse Bride, but I had the same complaint with Charlie: I hate the songs. HATE the songs. I think the film would be great if it didn't have all of that stupidity. It'd be different if the songs were at all good, but they're not. They're all--without exception--dreadful. I had the same gripe with Corpse Bride. Really good film, really bad songs. And lest you think I dislike Danny Elfman, let me tell you that I think the scores to both movies are quite good. It's the songs that Burton and Elfman feel the need to pepper their films with to which I object. They're just ...annoying. They serve no narrative purpose most of the time and none of them has any lyric worth repeating or melody-line worth humming.

But Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: good movie--good, clean, wholesome fun.

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