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22 November 2007

August Rush

Kirsten Sheridan's August Rush is another in a line of movies with Freddie Highmore where little Freddie is way cuter than the movie he's in. August Rush isn't quite as bad of a movie about music as, say, Mr. Holland's Opus, but it's pretty bad. It includes every lost child cliché you've ever heard, along, I think, with every child prodigy cliché you've ever heard. And Robin Williams is in it, over-acting up a storm. Jonathan Rhys Myers is in it, too, and he's cute as always. Keri Russell does her best with a terrible script. Terrence Howard is also in the movie, for some reason.

But boy this film is a one-note mess. There are long, ridiculous voiceovers about how the music is all around us. Zzzzz. I can't even continue writing about it. I'm moving it to near the bottom of the list: right below Spider-man 3.

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