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24 January 2011

I'm Wishing...

The 2010 Oscar nominations come out tomorrow morning. If you know me, you know that this is like Christmas morning for me. This is my favorite day of the year. I will be thinking about this all day and so I thought I would post a couple of wishes I have for tomorrow. Now, I am being realistic about this. I am not holding out hope, for instance, that my second-favorite film of the year, Sylvain Chomet's The Illusionist, gets nominated for Best Picture. That would just be ridiculous. Well-deserved, but impossible. I am restricting my hopes to those I think are actually possible:

Best Picture
127 Hours. To my mind this is a much better movie than The King's Speech or The Fighter, and it's infinitely more interesting than the snooze-fest that is Winter's Bone.

Best Actor
I am rooting for Robert Duvall from Get Low in this category. And I haven't seen Biutiful, but even without seeing it I am rooting for Javier Bardem.

Best Actress
Again, without seeing it, I am rooting for Lesley Manville in Another Year. I think she is a very long shot and I don't see how it can happen, but I am crossing my fingers. I would root for Tilda Swinton's genius performance in I Am Love, but I am bound to be disappointed there.

Best Supporting Actor
I think this race is kind of wide open. I have two serious wishes: Armie Hammer for The Social Network and Matt Damon for True Grit. Wouldn't both of those be fun?

Best Supporting Actress
Again, I think we are looking at a pretty wide-open race. Anything could happen in these supporting categories this year: which is what makes them exciting! I am wishing for Barbara Hershey for Black Swan (a conceivable longshot) and - without seeing the film - Dianne Weist for Rabbit Hole just for fun.

Other Wishes, Other Dreams
I am hoping that Tom Hooper gets locked out of the Best Director category in favor of the Coen Brothers.
I am also hoping that The Illusionist makes it into the Best Animated Feature category. (This should happen, but is not a sure thing.)
I am hoping for a song entry for the Gwyneth Paltrow vehicle Country Strong (yes, you read that correctly).
Mostly I am hoping that Black Swan and 127 Hours do really, really well.

Can't wait 'til tomorrow!!