Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

26 January 2011

When Friends Speak a Different Language

Aaron: Okay, this is church so don't tell anyone—
Dan: What is that: "church"?
Aaron: It means it's a secret and I shouldn't be telling you so don't go spilling tea everywhere.
Dan: No, I get it. But why is that "church"? When you say church I just feel like you're saying it's not true.
Aaron: Well, it's like confession or something, right? The priest doesn't tell anyone after you tell him.
Dan: Yeah. Okay, I get that.
Aaron: You know the gays have a whole language to themselves. It's very complicated.
Dan: Yeah. They should have a Rosetta Stone for that shit.
Aaron: They do. It's called sucking dick.
Dan: ...

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  1. AARON. That last part! How plebeian! Shame.

    (this comment has been reposted and funded by: "Anonymous Concerned Tea Enthusiasts Who Enjoy Freedom From Censorship.")