Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

06 March 2012

The Briefest of Reviews from 1970

This was weird, y'all. I mean, it is clear from this film why they broke up. There is some great stuff here, though. The concert on the roof at the end of the movie is classic, lovely. But what is Yoko Ono doing in this movie? She never says a word, and she just hovers, ubiquitous but never really contributing in any way. Paul is in charge in this film, that's clear enough. And Ringo: well, he looks slightly confused at all times. As my friend Julie says, that is part of his charm. She is correct, of course, about Ringo. As for the fourth Beatle, I just wanted to hug George Harrison the whole time. He needs a little consoling.