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11 November 2013

Animated Short Films

The Academy released a list of the 10 Animated Short Films that will advance for the possibility of winning the 2014 Academy Award. Here's some stuff I dug up in order to pre-game.

1. This is the trailer for Feral. It looks pretty great.

2. Disney's Get a Horse! will open screenings of Disney's Frozen and is the likely frontrunner for the award.

3. Gloria Victoria appears to be an Expressionist/Cubist film with little narrative.
Probably not the Academy's cup of tea, but one never knows.

4. You can watch a clip from and the trailer for Hollow Land at the website for the Office National du Film du Canada. This website will eventually host the film, as well.

5. You will notice the voice of George Takei narrating the film The Missing Scarf.
Above is only the trailer, but the animation looks bright and exciting.

6. Mr. Hublot is still unavailable, but will be available via the website soon. You can also see some gorgeous trailers and pictures there.

7. I can't find any good video for Shuhei Morita's Possessions. Apparently the film is about a man trapped in a house where the objects in the house have developed souls. Before he can escape the house he has to fix the objects. Sounds cool to me.

8. You can (and should) watch Requiem for Romance as soon as you can. 
It is a Vimeo staff pick, and they won't let me share it, so it might be pulled down soon. 

9. This is a one-minute clip from Room on the Broom.
It is a 25-minute film and may be available in another place on the internet, as well.

10. The last film is called Subconscious Password and is another film from the Office National du Film du Canada. The film isn't available yet, but will be at the website eventually.