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22 January 2006

Tony Takitani

This morning I saw a film that definitely would have been on my top 25 had I seen it before I made the list. It's called Tony Takitani and it's by Japanese filmmaker Ichikawa Jun. It's a beautiful, quiet, poetic little movie about a man who lives alone for his whole life until he finally meets a woman who is perfect for him. They live happily for some time. The catch is that she can't stop buying clothes. She fills closet after closet until they have to resort to buying more wardrobes to house all of the finery. Finally, there are so many clothes that they devote an entire room as a closet. It sounds kind of funny, but really it's not the least bit comedic. It's a movie about loneliness and loss and filling up empty spaces. The score is a solo piano concoction by Sakamoto Ryuichi, which I also loved.

I moved it to #10, bumping Millions off the list.

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