Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

11 June 2006

Where on Earth Have I Been?

I'm on another planet right now. I feel really overwhelmed and confused and frustrated with myself. I'm reading a really good book right now, and that's helping, but mostly I'm feeling... I don't even know, really.

In news unrelated to my own restlessness/haplessness, I went to a memorial service for my aunt this weekend in San Diego. It was very nice and, I thought, very respectful and moving. Public occasions for grief (and celebration) are handled more than stoically by most members of my family. It's interesting and odd when I compare it to the way that other people—other whole families—behave. My family is the stoic one. I don't even particularly notice it (being myself a stoic on these occasions) except that it looks odd next to all of the other emotional families.

Any thoughts, Angie? Good luck on your finals.

Tonight I did laundry and watched Sudden Fear, a Joan Crawford movie from the early 1950's. I was bored and I don't think I really like Joan Crawford. I'm not sure if this is solidarity with Bette Davis or what, but she bugs me.

Oh, and I went and caught Elliot Goldenthal's new opera Grendel at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion this morning and was very glad I did. I would have been so pissed at myself if I'd missed it. I didn't care so much for the melodies in it, but the score was lovely and the production, book, direction, and all the performances were absolutely astounding. I could talk about it for hours. My friend and I talked about it all through intermission and all the way back from the show until when she dropped me off. Julie Taymor is an absolute genius and I am totally humbled by the abilities of Denyce Graves.

Ok. That was all over the map.
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Love to all