Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

13 June 2008

Funny Phone Conversation

A young man called me yesterday to ask me to donate money or time to help defeat an anti-gay-marriage measure which will be on November's ballot in Florida. We conversed for several minutes. Our conversation is about politics and volunteering, of course, but underlying this there is the fact that we are both gay men. I mean, he doesn't know for sure that I am gay and I don't know for sure that he is either, but we were both assuming it.

Then he asks me for my address. So I give it to him: 1998 Summer Meadow (this isn't my real address, but bear with me; I gave him the real one).
Me: "1998 Summer Meadow."

Him: "Hummer Meadow?"

Me: "No, Summer Meadow... but Hummer Meadow sounds like a nice place."
What would Freud say?