Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

04 April 2011


I don't usually post about what I did today anymore. I am tending, these days, to want to talk about what I thought today instead. This weekend, though, has been a weekend of activities more than it has been one of consideration.

On Friday night, after teaching my play-analysis students about Bourdieu's theory of the field of cultural production (discussion of which went absolutely swimmingly), I headed over to one of the tracks on campus to participate in FSU's Relay for Life for 2011. It was amazing. We were up all night walking the track and raising money for cancer research. It felt like a very college thing to do... the kind of thing we didn't have at the university I attended for my baccalaureate degree. I had an absolutely great time, my hips and feet have been sore since, and I haven't been able to fall asleep before 3.00a for the last two days.

Then today, my friend Kalon and a whole bunch of our friends got together for our own version of Epic Meal Time (we are obsessed with them).

We made a table of nachos. Covered in:
Macaroni & cheese with bacon, jalapeños, tomatoes, and Cajun seasoning
Grilled carnitas
Chicken marinated in tequila and Cointreau
Black beans with tequila and bacon
Carmelized onions with bacon, mushrooms, and red peppers in tequila
Ten pounds of cheddar
Sour cream
More fresh onions
Pico de gallo

It looked like this:
I cannot even begin to pretend that any of this was logical or provide any explanation that makes any kind of sense. But it was exhilarating.