Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

06 July 2012

Spillin' Tea

The title of this blog (tea to pour) comes from slang for sharing gossip. Among gay Southerners, pouring tea means dishing the dirt or telling tales about other people. Sometimes a bit of good gossip is described as hot, as in:

Girl, this tea is hot, you better sit down.

And sometimes people who can't keep their mouths shut when they ought to know better are referred to as spilling, as in:

That old queen was spilling the tea all over until I dragged her onto the lanai and told her to shut it.

All of this as a (gay) prelude to this song, in which tea gets two shouts-out if you're listening. I know I don't normally post music (because, frankly, I am never up to date), but this is just too good.