Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

05 September 2012


There is, perhaps, a lot to say about Sally and its preservation by Warner Bros, but you should read about it here instead of listening to me talk about it.

Sally itself is mostly unremarkable, but it's interesting enough as far as film history goes, particularly for its star, Marilyn Miller.

Aside from the dancing, Sally features extended comic sequences starring the very funny Joe E. Brown (you will remember him as the gentleman who says "Nobody's perfect!" at the end of Some Like It Hot). In one of these sequences, he plants a kiss on the straightman T. Roy Barnes. It is a bizarre, funny sequence, and immediately after the kiss, both men wipe their mouths and Barnes lights a match or something in order to clear the air (this part is in a long shot, so I couldn't quite tell what he was doing).

Anyway, check this out:
Strange, huh?

1920s cinema just keeps surprising me lately.