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27 February 2016

Oscar Predictions

This year I am very disheartened by the Academy Awards – by the whiteness of this year's nominees, by the Americanness of the films, by the idiotic bowing to big blockbusters, by the lack of imagination among the Academy's voters. In short, this year's laziness on the part of the Academy has me very close to skipping the show altogether. I am going to watch, still, and I still watched all of the movies, but this year I want to list my favorite movies for each category as well as these winners, because to my mind these winners are mostly very poor choices indeed. Below, then, I am charting the distance between my own favorites and my actual predictions. 

No one really knows anything, so, in truth, there could be quite a few surprises, including the big award itself. But here's what I think will happen:

Best Picture: The Revenant
My favorite movie of the year: Son of Saul
Best Director: Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu, The Revenant
My favorite director: László Nemes, Son of Saul
Best Actress: Brie Larson, Room
My favorite actress: Charlotte Rampling, 45 Years
Best Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio, The Revenant
My favorite actor: Géza Röhrig, Son of Saul
Best Supporting Actress: Alicia Vikander, The Danish Girl
My favorite supporting actress: Nina Kunzendorf, Phoenix
Best Supporting Actor: Sylvester Stallone, Creed
My favorite supporting actor: Harvey Keitel, Youth
Best Adapted Screenplay: The Big Short
My favorite adapted screenplay: Beasts of No Nation
Best Original Screenplay: Spotlight
My favorite original screenplay: White God
Best Animated Feature: Inside Out
My favorite animated movie: Anomalisa
Best Foreign Language Film: Son of Saul
My favorite foreign language film: Son of Saul
Best Animated Short Film: We Can't Live without Cosmos
My favorite animated short: We Can't Live without Cosmos
Best Live-action Short Film: Stutterer
My favorite live-action short: Shok
Best Film Editing: The Revenant
My favorite editor: White God
Best Cinematography: The Revenant
My favorite photographer: The Revenant
Best Production Design: Mad Max: Fury Road
My favorite designer: Saint Laurent
Best Costume Design: Carol
My favorite designer: The Assassin
Best Original Score: The Hateful Eight
My favorite score: The Revenant
Best Original Song: "Writing's on the Wall" from Spectre
My favorite song: "Simple Song #3" from Youth 
Best Sound Mixing: Mad Max: Fury Road
Best Sound Editing: Mad Max: Fury Road
Best Visual Effects: Mad Max: Fury Road
Best Makeup & Hairstyling: Mad Max: Fury Road
Best Documentary Feature: Amy
Best Documentary Short Film: Body Team 12