Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

30 April 2006

Buongiorno, Notte

This morning's cinematic adventure was an Italian film by Marco Bellocchio called Good Morning, Night. It's a very good movie about a terrorist kidnapping/would-be-assassination in 1978 Italy. I'm not sure if the real event is well known: I know next-to-nothing about contemporary Italian politics, and much less about the Italian political situation in the 1970's. Good Morning, Night approaches the story of this kidnapping through the point of view of one of the kidnappers—a female, played by Maya Sansa. She's wonderful in the film and her story expresses a fascinating conflict in the mind of the revolutionary. Good Morning, Night, in fact, is the film about terrorism that Munich wishes it were. It tackles the goals and ideals of the revolutionaries/radicals and weighs them against the cost of human life paid in order to exact political change. It's a fascinating drama with a lot of really excellent performances.