Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

13 April 2006

Thursday Morning Post

Tonight I'm baking cookies. One of my groups of friends is having a big going away party for our friend John who's moving to Seattle for, like, ever. As usual, I've been asked to bake. So... cookies. Big house parties with kegs at them don't need cake and plates and forks and candles and all that.

I asked the roommate to clean his room in preparation for the big sale... he said he'd work on it. I was a little nervous about asking him in the first place. I mean, we never argue or anything like that, but mostly I think that's because I never ask him to do anything. We don't share responsibilities at all, you know?

And after Brittney and I rehearsed last night, we went to Borders. I just can't stay away from shopping. I have no money, mind you but I just felt like buying a book... or two. (And this month the HR manager at work is on vacation during payroll, so we're not getting paid for our overtime until the end of the month. It's a lot of money for me and I kind of needed it, but we didn't really have any say. I guess it's okay.)

Perhaps I'll watch a movie tonight between batches of cookies. I have John Boorman's Hope and Glory at home right now. And I think Louis Malle's Murmur of the Heart.

Oh yeah, and a long discussion with a friend about religion last night, too. I'm okay with discussing religion for a while. She was grateful to talk about it with me. But the thing is: I think it's dumb. Having a set of beliefs for your life is great. I totally support that. And having specific practices you do for your own spiritual welfare is great, too. But if you mention god and you mean a specific singular being, you lose me. Ditto any discussion of Heaven and the great get-together in the sky. I mean, I can listen without cringing, and I don't think you're an idiot or anything like that, but I can't follow the conversation in the same way. Because now it's based on something I consider wholly untrue and rather silly.
I think Maddie was a little mad at me about this. I was totally kind about the whole thing and I tried to be very understanding to what she was saying, but I think her feelings were a little hurt, like she thinks I think she's a moron and for that she thinks I'm a jerk.