Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

08 April 2006

Today Is the Day It Begins

No movie this morning. I cleaned (i.e. threw away junk en masse that I've been keeping for no apparent reason) last night and then I woke up again this morning to clean. My brother was over this morning to show the condo to a friend of his. (He kindly brought me a foam-free hazelnut latté of the venti variety.)

I am baking a cake today, as well... and doing laundry... and I need to get keys made to show the house... and I need to pick up my dry cleaning. And I should throw away some more junk too, come to think of it.

...Maybe I can watch a movie in the afternoon at some point.

These weekends with stuff to do are so... well, planned, I guess. In reality, I want to have nothing at all to do for the evenings and then decide what to do at, like, 5:00.