Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

31 May 2006

Movie Post

A movie post is sort of overdue. I still haven't posted about Art School Confidential, which is a movie still in theatres and really worth posting about (though not worth seeing, guys: don't do it). I've also seen Breathless and Ali: Fear Eats the Soul since we last talked, and yet... I am too tired to post. My workdays are too long and my ass is too tired after they are over to write about anything or watch any more movies of read anything or do anything. Sorry. The weekend is on its way and perhaps it will rejuvenate me slightly before the long slog that is going to be next week.

So... sorry, friends, but I'm tired. This is better than disappearing, though, right?

And omigod. The party on Saturday, thrown for Rebecca Vigil's twenty-first birthday was easily one of the best birthday parties I have ever attended.

More soon. Tomorrow I will be seeing Without Walls at the Mark Taper Forum. Perhaps I will have the energy to post about that when I get home. It will star Laurence Fishburne and hopefully will rock my world.