Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

07 May 2006

Religion & the Theatre

You probably knew this, but I quite frequently ponder the non-existence of god and all of its implications on the world.

My mother (and several of my Christian friends) have suggested that I am only an athiest because I am a homosexual. (This is a patronizing viewpoint to take about a person's beliefs, in my opinion, but they have told me this.)

Anyway, I was watching Stephen Colbert's George Bush Roast and looking at all of the people laughing and thinking that I don't know how you can be a student of the theatre and remain a Christian.
What I mean is, though I trace my conversion to atheism to my reading of Lewis Thomas's Lives of a Cell in 2004, I discarded Christianity as early as 2000. This coincided with my change of major and my total immersion in the study of the art of the theatre. The theatre, see, was older than Christianity... and they had conflicted so much over the years that it seemed impossible for them both to be right. So I chose the theatre.