Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

06 October 2006

Long Day

Today is going to be a long day. This morning I'm having a meeting to plan my facilitation of a discussion of Marxist Theory in relation to theatre (the discussion itself isn't until Wednesday). Then I'm covering for my girl Amy in her morning class of Intro to Theatre. THEN I'm meeting with a student in regard to a plagiarism issue (yikes.) THEN I'm meeting with the teacher of my Intro section to discuss my performance as a TA (not performativity, just how well [or poorly] I'm doing in the class.) THEN I have office hours. THEN I have my own section of Intro to TA. Then I think I'll have a slight meal break and hopefully get part of a paper written or some research done before my date tonight with the gentleman friend. We're going to see Urinetown: the Musical, which they're doing here at the FSU School of Theatre.

Roomie saw the show last night and said she didn't particularly care for it, but I'm hoping it was just an off night. That's why I wanted to go on a Friday instead of a Thursday in the first place. When I was in university, I always thought Thursday's shows were never as good as Friday's.

And I have SO much work to do this weekend I can't even talk about it.