Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

18 January 2010

When Practice Makes Perfect

Rae: Oh Sade. I wish he were my boyfriend. For like a weekend.
Aaron: Until he fucking killed you.
Rae: But more than that I'd get cut into pieces. And fucked by monks. Which I love.
Aaron: Ooo that Justine.
Rae: HAHAHAHA. JUSTINE WINS. 120 days of sodom, though... I mean... You can only have interesting sodomy for SO MANY DAYS.
Aaron: HAHAHA. I love this.
Rae: After day 34 you're just like... Seriously? 80-some days of sodomy to go?
Aaron: You go supine and boredly ask "can we just get this over with?"