Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

05 May 2011

Seen Around Tallaclassy #7

I know this series has been away for a while, but today I came across this on the East side of town:
Uforia? Seriously? Now, I understand that the person who runs this establishment – which boasts, for the record, seafood and sushi, as well as an international buffet – probably knows that his/her spelling of the word euphoria is not the correct spelling of the word. The owner is likely being clever somehow or thinks a u and an f look cooler or more hip or something than an e and the old p and h combination. But I find it baffling. (I am similarly baffled by Krispy Kreme and its excessive and oddly placed Ks. For that matter, there was a gay club here for a while called Rayn and I never grasped why a y was supposed to have looked any cooler than an i.)

The thing is, why should a place called Uforia do any better with the international buffet set than a place called simply Euphoria? And who is the guy who goes: "I know what'll make the place look and sound cooler, we'll call it Uforia!" I call shenanigans on this restaurant.