Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

21 September 2011

Puppy Love with a Tongue Hanging Out

He brings me his former lovers,
Those who have had crushes on him.

Not as baggage, though,
He doesn't want me to carry them.

No. He brings them like a dog might,
To prove his worth,
Show me that he has been wanted,
That he has been loved in the past,
Is worthy of it again. By me,

If I'm paying attention. Am I
Paying attention? Am I listening?

Derek crushed on him
And this guy with a C name.
There's a J, too, and another J,
I think, and a girl with a T name.

And the exes – not as many of those.
And another two
Or three who regularly proposition him
In the clever ways the internet provides
For propositions.

All of these are presented to me,
Paraded, really, so that I will come around.

So that I will look on him
And love him.

But he is already too late;
Not one of these men matters. Because I

As it happens, am already falling.

From 2 August 2011.