Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

03 September 2016

Elimination Dance Orlando

Elimination Dance Orlando
After Michael Ondaatje

Men who drag their feet

Men in tight jeans who wear pointy dress shoes and carry laptops in heavy messenger bags

Men who spit in public

Men sipping cans of soda gingerly through drinking straws

Men with Puka shell necklaces tight at their throats

Big men walking little dogs

Guys who sit in the booth beside their dinner companions

Men with unkempt beards who wear pajama bottoms out of the house

Men who confess that they're smitten
~ ~

Delivery boys tucking their Polos into belted khaki shorts

Men who go barefoot in the rain

Men who have winked at me
~ ~

Men smoking cigars with grins on their faces

Young men who've never heard of the Bauhaus

Men with very thin arms

Guys in flip-flops with little hempen anklets

Men seductively licking chocolate chip ice cream cones

Men loudly clearing their throats

Men who are running because they are (apparently) very late for an appointment

Men bearing bottles of gin

This guy. With the devil in his eyes