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19 May 2005

Kingdom of Heaven

I saw Kingdom of Heaven last night and I think it's definitely worth catching.
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On a purely visual level, the film is a must-see. The cinematography is beautiful and the art direction is just exquisite. I love the way the film looks. What the film has to say is a little more suspect, although I think that works too, to be honest. Orlando is a little bit miscast (although unbelievably handsome)... I think the actor who played Bailion should probably have been older, or at least looked older. Orlando looks about 25. Eva Green is great in the film, though, and Edward Norton as her brother is very affecting (although that effect is all costume.) I also really liked Ghassan Massoud, Jeremy Irons and David Thewlis (who usually creeps me out). The score is brilliant as well. I recommend this one, but only, I think for what it will do to you visually. The battles are really cool and everything Ridley has to offer is excellent. The politics of the film, while admirable, seem, unfortunately, unrealistic to a fault. I am not sure how closely this film resembles history, but I tend to think that the politics of the film are the one area where realism was given short shrift in favor of politics that make sense to our modern sensibilities.
Definitely worth seeing.