Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

15 May 2005

The Future?

I'm feeling sort of... "settled" is always considered a bad word for an artist--as is "comfort"--, but I feel as though those are the two words that best describe how I'm beginning to feel. There must always be a hunger, a "queer dissatisfaction" is what Martha Graham once called it, but right now I'm feeling settled. Perhaps this is where I need to be right now. Perhaps the things on which I am working are things on which I am supposed to be working. This is--just maybe--the right place for me right now. The accounting job is bearable and fine and is allowing me to build up my finances and giving me the opportunity to live where I wish to live. It is also giving me time to read plays... two this last week and see movies... at least four this last week. And being between theatre jobs might be a perfect feeling. There is this wonderful anticipation: I am on the verge of beginning a new project and right now all of what I am doing is recruitment and planning, schedules and concepts. It's delightful.

If all works out with the summer show at CSUP (under the moniker of the Southern California Shakespeare Festival) I will be working mostly with fellow alumni from university. If things go as planned, I think I will have so much fun rehearsing this show. I had a blast rehearsing Shrew last year with a miserable producer and a temperamental cast. I don't see how 2Gents can be anything but fun.