Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

17 May 2005

Gallop Apace You Fiery-footed Steeds

Some theatre people are weird theatre people. Like people who can quote obscure Shakespearean monologues. And people who have read all of Shakespeare's plays. And people who can discuss various interpretations of Richard III for longer than twenty minutes. Those people are very strange to me. (Notice how I distance myself from them. I am not a weird theatre person.)

I didn't hold auditions for my show. I'm not planning on it, either. But I did attend the auditions for King John. Both shows are being produced under the same heading, though they are, as far as I can tell, completely unrelated productions.
And, for the most part, all of the actors we saw rose to the occasion quite nicely. I said very little (as I am wont to do at other people's auditions), and allowed the evening to move very slowly. I was not in charge and did not wish to be, but it was frustrating nonetheless. There was a very low turnout, which wasn't really disappointing to me, but sad, I guess for Mr. Uribe, the director of John. Whatever.
I wish Uribe well, but King John as a piece of theatre holds no interest for me... and it was kind of a waste of my time to see all of the people he's going to use. I have my own show to people, and I am more than halfway done. I've gotten answers from most of my actors now and I am quite excited.