Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

30 September 2007

Feast of Love

Last night's movie was Robert Benton's Feast of Love, which stars Greg Kinnear, Morgan Freeman, Radha Mitchell (so hot!), Selma Blair and Jane Alexander. There's a bunch of other people in the movie, too, but I didn't recognize any of them.
Feast of Love is a total cliché-fest, but I kinda liked it. I mean, it wasn't the second coming of The English Patient, it was more like a straight version of The Broken Hearts Club (I am well aware that that description makes no sense.) Cliché-fest is actually the best description. Love conquers almost everything and Morgan Freeman gets to do nice voiceover that sounds really sweet but is mostly lacking in substance. Still, he's sweet and Greg Kinnear is sort of wonderful in his earnestness. He says these really trite lines in the script with feeling and I honestly believe every word he says in the movie. It's good acting if I've ever seen it: making the clichés sound honest.
There is a lot of nudity in the movie, too, which (as you know) I approve of. A couple of questions, though: why does Selma Blair get work. She is boring. Oh yeah, and did I mention how hot Radha Mitchell is? I am still thinking about her. I think she's sort of fabulous in the movie, too.
Let me make this clear. I am not recommending Feast of Love, but I liked it, as overbaked and silly as it is.

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