Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

13 September 2007

How We Change.

It's funny how much different we can become. How many years ago was it where every other day I was talking about having a baby? Does anyone remember? I was obsessed with that.

And now...

Today I went to a social for the Congress of Graduate Students and it was sort of an older crowd (by design). The majority of people who went were older grad students with families and a lot (a whole bunch, actually) brought their kids to this event. These families were getting out of their cars and minivans and sport utility vehicles and I thought to myself "Wow, I am so glad I am spared from having to do that."

I'm not sure if I really mean that, but right now in my life the idea of having a child is completely unthinkable. Like, completely and totally ludicrous. But I can't even honestly see it in my future either. I just don't want one anymore. I bet this happens to people who have kids all the time. They really want a kid around age 23 or so (like me) so they actually have one. Then they get to be about my age now and they don't want kids at all but they already have one (or three).

What's worse, if I were heterosexual, I would probably already have a kid. I'm pretty positive about it, actually.