Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

04 March 2008

Black Book

This weekend I watched Zwartboek (Black Book) after allowing the DVD to sit on my shelf since September. It was really good, too, so I shouldn't have waited so long to watch it.

The reason I have been delaying watching this film is its opening sequence, which is one of those (so very typical) framing devices where movie starts with the end of the movie. These drive me crazy because they usually spoil the ending. Black Book, for instance, is a drama about World War II in Holland, and it's filled with twists and turns. The thing is, you can never really be worried that the character is going to die because you've already seen where she ends up in the future.

It's a really good film, though, and a sexy one. The lead, Carice Van Houten, is really great: always interesting, totally hot, and a great actress. Sebastian Koch, who played the writer in The Lives of Others is also in the film and is, again, great.

Black Book is suspenseful, fairly intelligent and very pretty to look at. It contains a couple of really powerful moments, emotionally speaking, and the film never strays too far from its heroine (a smart decision, considering how compelling Carice Van Houten is). It runs out of steam near the end of the picture, and as I already mentioned, the framing device is contrived and unnecessary, but this is a good movie that I really liked, worth watching for the film's lead actress alone.