Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

25 March 2008

Netflix Drama

I have been having minor Netflix drama. Not really, it's just that the movies that I want to come to my house in this moment in time all seem to be unavailable to me. This was partially remedied today when Netflix told me that the next flick (see what I did there?) they are going to send me is Ernst Lubitsch's The Love Parade. About time! It has been #2 in my queue for, like, six weeks. Or so. The Man of My Life has been there even longer, and I have been patiently waiting, while the sixth movie in my queue kept getting sent to me. But all that is about to change, when The Love Parade comes my way.

This post is nuts. Sorry. Please notice how many gay-interest films are at the top of my queue, too, and don't be shocked. I have been feeling extra gay these last few weeks. Maybe it's all of that thesis-writing.

Why am I still awake?