Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

07 March 2008


Still... working... on thesis...

Hope to be done by Monday afternoon. I want this to be over so badly I can taste it.
When you write 90 pages of scholarly work that you have to read and re-read and read again to make sure that you are being precise and clear and intelligent, you get kinda sick of your own voice. I am tired of reading my own words. I am sick of myself! It's gotten so bad that I have to take constant breaks from staring at this document. I mean, the thing is almost done, I just need to keep tweaking it. Oh yeah, and I have to write a conclusion, still. Not sure how that's gonna turn out.

And I'm going to New York soon. I said before how I got a paper accepted to a conference. The conference is in NY and it is April 2nd through the 5th, so I am staying in NY for 5 nights. It's going to cost me a bundle, but it should be fun. I've never been there before, if you can believe it. The conference link is here.

Some fun stuff from my thesis:

I mention Ecstasy a lot in the rape chapter, so I felt the need to explain what the drug actually is. So I included the following in a footonote: "In case you are unfamiliar, Ecstasy is the drug Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, also known as MDMA, or simply by the letters E or X. Ecstasy is frequently taken at dance parties called raves. The drug heightens sensation and increases heart rate, sociability, and the user’s sense of well-being." My advisor writes "Any downsides?!?"