Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

20 June 2009

Seen Around Talla-classy #5

This is not a proper "Seen in Talla-classy" entry, but as I was walking around the mall in Tallahassee today, I was truly horrified by some of the ensembles people feel free to leave the house wearing. Which reminded me that I wanted to post a random Tallahassee memento.

I noticed something absurdly hilarious as I was watching Beautiful Thing this week. Near the very end of the film, Ste's abusive, homophobic father is getting dressed. Ste is waiting for him to leave so that he can iron his shirt and go the neighborhood gay bar with his boyfriend. Ste's dad puts on a hideous green/denim jacket monstrosity and then, on his head (click to enlarge):

A Florida State Seminoles hat. FSU represent! Aside from being completely out of place with that jacket (what wouldn't be out of place with that jacket?) this is a film about Londoners, and this man is going to a boxing match. It is a fashion statement truly worthy of Tallahassee.