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23 January 2017

Oscar Nomination Wish List

The nominations are tomorrow at 8:18am, and I am pretty excited. I tell people this is like my Christmas morning, and I guess that's fairly true. What I really love about nomination morning is the surprises, though, so what I am really hoping for is for strange things to happen, unexpected people to get in, shocking inclusions.

Here are things I am hoping for for Tuesday morning. Many of these are longshots, but I will be crossing my fingers anyway:
  • Isabelle Huppert, Best Actress for Elle
  • Annette Bening, Best Actress for 20th Century Women
  • Down with Florence Foster Jenkins in all categories including Best Actress. Meryl Streep needs to give us all a break.
  • Up with Deadpool in all categories. I haven't seen it yet, but who cares. 
  • Paul Verhoeven, Best Director for Elle (it could happen!)
  • Down with Jackie in all categories
  • Tom Ford, Best Director for Nocturnal Animals 
  • Up with Nocturnal Animals in all categories
  • The Red Turtle for Animated Feature
  • "Take Me Down", Best Original Song for Deepwater Horizon
  • "Gone 2015", Best Original Song for Miles Ahead
  • "Drive It Like You Stole It", Best Original Song for Sing Street
  • Andrew Garfield, Best Actor for Hacksaw Ridge
  • Jay Wadley, Best Score for Indignation
  • Alexandre Desplat, Best Score for The Light between Oceans 
  • Moonlight in all categories (I'm hoping for it to appear in some surprise categories)
  • Saela Davis, Anna Rose Holmer, and Lisa Kjerulff, Best Original Screenplay for The Fits 
I guess that is enough dreaming...

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