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22 January 2017

Best Actress 2016

My top choices in the order I would place them on my Academy ballot if I were allowed to vote. In other words, this is my top five, but I acknowledge that this list is already influenced by awards buzz, and the actresses who I think would theoretically benefit the most from my vote are at the top.

ANNETTE BENING, 20th Century Women



ISABELLE HUPPERT, L'Avenir (Things to Come)


Also loved:
Amy Adams, Nocturnal Animals
Juliette Binoche, L'Attesa (The Wait)
Sonia Braga, Aquarius
Sally Field, Hello, My Name Is Doris
Taraji P. Henson, Hidden Figures
Royalty Hightower, The Fits
Sandra Hüller, Toni Erdmann
Isabelle Huppert, Elle
Lou de Laâge, Les Innocentes (The Innocents)
Ruth Negga, Loving
Susan Sarandon, The Meddler
Léa Seydoux, Journal d'une Femme de Chambre (Diary of a Chambermaid)

Apologies to:
Jessica Chastain (Miss Sloane), Catherine Deneuve (Standing Tall), and Krisha Fairchild (Krisha), whose films I have not yet seen but will see soon.

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