Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

26 February 2004

Bitch, Bitch, Bitch

I meant to go to see Andrew Cohen's show at the Greenaway Court Theatre.  I really did.  But I just don't like Cornerstone shows.  I was supposed to go with Lin but he bailed on me this afternoon when I called him.  I am such a sucka.  Oh well.  I should be used to that from him after all (I think with a sly smile on my face.)  Que será, será. *sighs*

So I came home and cleaned my room and paid all of my bills (okay not all, just the ones that were due/overdue).  Then I joined Netflix.  I am so excited about this Netflix.  I swear, if it's as good as it looks, I will be in geek-movie heaven.  I talked to Aaron on the phone today.  I told him he is spending far too much time with people named Kim.  I once had a girlfriend named Kim... never mind about that. I miss my friend Aaron, but I guess I will see him on Sunday at the bash.

The BASH.  Which I have not yet started planning.  I am such a fucking slacker this week.  I really should have the menu planned at least, but no.  I have to go the grocery tomorrow if I am going to get any good produce, too.  I really need to get with it.  It's just that Netflix is so distracting.  I just want to rent every movie ever made... so I compile a list of every movie ever made and then when I finish with one, they will send me another!  It is the coolest.

I also talked to Mike Steger... but not for long.  He starts asking questions about things where the answers do not interest him at all.  Then I start getting bored.  So I tell him I have to go.  The phone is not something I enjoy anyway.

My aunt wants to set up a Civilization match sometime in the next couple of weeks.  Is there anyone out there in LJ land who plays this game?  My family loves to play, but my dad and I refuse to play if it is just my aunt and the two of us.  It is too boring to play with the three of us because she is no damn good at it, and we get tired of playing each other.  (Mind you, she thinks she is fine at the game, and she never seems to notice that she loses every single time.)

I watched Sayonara this evening.  The 50s politics, as usual, I found sinister and frightening.  Ricardo Montalban played a famous Japanese Kabuki master... quite badly and with this awful accent that came out Japanese/Spanish.  Dreadful.  But Miyoshi Umeki and Red Buttons are stellar, and goddamn that Marlon Brando is cute and charming for days.  The flick is directed fairly well.  I resented the deus ex machina that allowed for the end, but the end was pleasing, and I will say that I kept thinking that the movie was going to do things that it didn't do, which is, in my opinion, good directing.  Not having read the book, I actually didn't know how it would end, so it was good that way.  It was directed by Joshua Logan, who directed William Inge's Picnic with my favorite actor William Holden and that fabulous Rosalind Russell in 1955.  This movie is much better than Picnic, but retains a lot of down-home charm still, courtesy of Mr. Brando.  What a fucking star!

I keep going to shitty restaurants for dinner.  I should save the money on the shitty places and take myself somewhere swell for dinner some night soon.  I keep wanting to go to El Cholo... Mmmm.  Perhaps I will call my parents tomorrow and make them take me to dinner.   That sounds like an excellent plan, I think.