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22 February 2004

SAG Awards

JOHNNY DEPP WON BEST ACTOR tonight at the Screen Actor's Guild Awards.  None of the other winners were surprises: Zellweger, Robbins, Theron, Return of the King, but Depp is a big shocker.  Now, all of the different guild's nominations have a bearing on who will be nominated, but almost none of the guilds' winners have a bearing on who will win because the entire Academy votes for the winners.  This rule is only false when it comes to the acting awards, because actors make up the largest percentage of the Academy... about 23%.  So sometimes, the winners of the Screen Actor's Guild can show us what the Academy will do on Oscar Night (now 1 week away!!!)  Here's hoping Johnny scores next week.  (Penn is still the favorite--it's his 4th nomination without a win, AND he's actually showing up this year.)

I'm off now to see Bernardo Bertolucci's The Dreamers, which is rated NC-17.  I certainly hope it doesn't disappoint me by being tame.