Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

29 February 2004

Party over.

I have this thing.  The party's over.  Everyone please leave immediately so that I can clean up.  I absolutely detest having a dirty house.  If I had the energy to vacuum I would, but I am just frigging exhausted.  Party was good.  Oscar ceremony sucked.
I served devilled eggs (didn't know I didn't have curry until the very last minute, so the eggs had to be served with paprika...), this absolutely gorgeous lime-flavored pound cake in the shape of a rose, chocolate truffles made with amaretto, oven-roasted tomatoes with fresh basil and fresh rosemary, and my personal favorite of the evening: Peperonata with Goat Cheese Toasts which was this reduction of sautéed red pepper, red pepper flakes, shallots, and tomato that was served over toasted baguettes and goat cheese. It was supremo delicioso.  (Thank you Gourmet magazine.) 
The Oscars themselves were boring.  Not that I wasn't happy for The Return of the King, but it made for a no surprises ceremony which was, frankly, a snore.  No surprises at all... in any category.  (I suppose you could count Harvey Krumpet winning for Best Animated Short as a surprise, but who even gives a shit about Best Animated Short?   That's right.  Not a damn soul except the nominees.)  Theron.  Penn.  Zellweger.  Robbins.  Snore.
High points of the evening:  Opening song by Billy Crystal (Old Man River, Maria, My Favorite Things, and oh... I can't remember the other showtunes he sung, but they were damn funny.)  Nice tribute to Kate Hepburn by La Julia.  Blake Edwards' Oscar courtesy of Mr. Carrey. That guy who won for Harvey Krumpet thanking his boyfriend... go homos.  Everyone standing for Sean Penn... he earned that one.  The moment when the announcer loudly said "Johnny Depp" and the camera panned to him.  He had heard his name and wanted to know what was up... hilarious.  He is so above it all and cool.
And my favorite part of the night... Mitch & Mickey sing A Kiss at the End of the Rainbow.  Everyone at my house was asking, "Are they gonna kiss?"  It was great.
In attendance... Dave Ryan. Allan Fortes. Andrew Lin. Aaron Caloca. Debbye Eggeman. My constants Julie, Lisa, Anna, Jaime, Sarah, Derek, and Chris, and Chris and Julie's brother Scott (of Rumors fame).  Everyone asked about you Wah.  You shoulda come.
I'm tired now.  But the day was not a total waste.  I watched an incredible film on DVD courtesy of my new Netflix subscription: Gerry by Gus Van Sant.  That shit is awesome.  Seriously, some of the most interesting cinematography going right now is coming from his films.  Van Sant may be the most interesting filmmaker working right now, and I know he had a shitty period for a while, but he is doing things with movies that you just do not see right now.  Seriously good shit.  This movie was incredible.  I cannot believe he made Gerry and Elephant in the same fucking year.
Tomorrow I am going to see Rufus Wainwright at HOB Anaheim.

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