Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

29 February 2004

Quick Check In

Yesterday's birthday celebration for Derek was one of our nicest, I feel.  We were all getting along very well and we had a great time.  And I re-learned a word: bilious.  It's such a good thing that Sarah is among our friends: Jaime uses the non-word "bile-y" and I inform her of its nonexistence, to which Sarah responds that the correct term is "bilious" and launches into one of the evenings many disgusting stories, this one about bilious green vomiting, which is evidently an honest malady.  Who knew.

If you're keeping score, I'm not doing yoga today... perhaps tomorrow.  Yeah right.

I have much work to do today. This is supposed to be a quick check in before I begin all of the cooking and cleaning I need to do today before my guests arrive.  Yay.  It's Oscar Day!