Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

20 February 2004

I Want My Theatre to Be...


The goal of my theatre is to tell new stories. 

To make people laugh. 

To make people cry. 

To speak from my heart. 

To always try new things. 

To never decide "what theatre is."

To try not to repeat myself.

To always ask myself what I want my theatre to be.

Plays on my mind today:  Pterodactyls (natch), The America Plan, The Goat, A Fair Country, The Designated Mourner, Cloud Nine, Hedda Gabler, An Ideal Husband.  I think my next show will have to be something in the Silver/Albee/Greenberg/Baitz rich white folks vein.  I seem to keep bumping into it.