Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

08 November 2004

Dang Ferners

Well it isn't the smartest comedy I've ever seen, but The Foreigner is still pretty darn funny: thanks mostly to some witty writing, and—it must be said—the performances of Brittney and Jensen. Matt Guerra is really good, too: very funny. The play goes to pieces at the end: the author has absolutely no idea how to get all the balls he's thrown in the air back into someone's hands, but it ends amiably enough... if completely unbelievably. Chris Gelvin has no idea what he's doing, but he stumbles his way through it and makes it look okay. (I think the problem with Gelvin is he doesn't know how smart his character is... I think he's making him as smart as possible; I just think he's limited.) My "pro-life" friend is the weakest link onstage, unfortunately. He has no timing whatsoever and the parts where he carries the show just drag like you wouldn't believe. AND...

If I were Tori I would not have taken this part—mainstage or no. This is as unflattering a role as I have ever seen anyone play: myself and Caroline Collins included.

Still, The Foreigner made me laugh... a lot. There were times when I literally could not stop laughing.

Cheers, guys. I have two more days of dialect work with them. I spent most of my time tonight with Jensen and likely will do tomorrow, as well.