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05 November 2004

Test Results

I got my GRE scores in the mail today.

Verbal: 680 out of 800 (95th percentile)
Quantitative: 720 out of 800 (72nd percentile)
Analytical Writing: 5.5 out of 6 (86th percentile)

I guess they're okay. I wish they were better, but I did fairly well, I think--especially on the verbal. That 95% looks very fetching in the moonlight.

I am starting to feel somewhat differently about Valparaiso. Some of its failings were evident to me while watching tonight. The lighting in Act I is too dark, and Act I simply doesn't move as quickly as it ought to. I wish it were faster. I wish it lasted 27 minutes instead of the 33 it lasts. I mean, the show is still really interesting, but Act I could be a lot better. Act II is really really good, though, and definitely saves the rest of the show, but I don't think Act I goes out on enough of a bang. Bill still really liked it and a lot of other people like it, too. I know it's good, but I also know it could improve... too bad we only run three nights... and two of them are over.

But I was telling Ashley tonight: I feel like it is a good next step in my work. I am glad I did this show at this time. I think it was the right thing right now for me.