Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

28 November 2004

Ho! Ho! Ho! and a Bottle of Rum

It was a high school reunion down at the Montclair Plaza tonight when I ran into one of the people in my high school clique. Of the maybe ten people in my group of high school friends, I now only talk to five of them and one of those is my little brother. But tonight, Jai and I ran into our old friend A.S. Now everyone knows that A.S. is a mo, but he has been denying it since I've known him. But I'll be damned if Jai and I did not run into him on a date with a guy.

Now normally I would just let him pass on by and not say anything, but seeing he was with a guy, I ran after that motherfucker and made him stop and talk and I hugged him and introduced myself to his date: the works. It went quite brilliantly actually, and Jai and I were both very happy to see him and to see that he's at least coming to terms with his issues.

I know, I know: I'm a drama queen... but this was a big deal. This is such a big step for him and he was such an old friend. I mean, I basically stopped talking to him because I couldn't stand for him to talk about the women he wanted to sleep with. I prefer for my close relationships to have a little more truth in them.

We small-talked and said the usual "we should hang out" "definitely" thing, but I have his number now and we are definitely hanging out. I need more gay friends, and gay friends left over from high school are just a bonus.

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