Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

27 November 2004

Sorry I've Been Away

Kinsey is an above average biopic with some fairly good performances. It will probably end up getting it's share of awards and nominations once the National Board of Review kicks off awards season within the next week. My favorite is Peter Sarsgaard. His performances in Kinsey and Garden State this year hopefully mean he'll get some attention. He's also completely naked in the film. Cheers. Kinsey itself is only an okay film, though. I think it lacks something in the direction. It just seems to throw facts at us. There doesn't seem to be much of an actual plot, and there are very few "money" scenes, if any at all. There is a lot of discussion of sex, and most of it is quite frank, unfortunately, I thought very little of it was compelling. The last scene in the film is wonderful, but I think it's really the only great thing in Kinsey.

I really liked Finding Neverland, but I didn't love it to death or anything. I certainly don't think I liked it as much as I liked last year's Peter Pan adaptation. That little boy who plays Peter is quite remarkable, and I quite liked Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet, Julie Christie, Dustin Hoffman, and even Radha Mitchell (okay, the whole cast), but it's really just a little melodrama. It has its magical moments, but, I don't know, I guess the film just didn't blow me away to any huge extent. I certainly cried (we all expected that) but not nearly as much as I expected to. I think it's because Marc Forster introduces us to the magic way to early. I can't think of how else to do it, but the magic should have been something that he earned. In other words, he didn't make me believe, he just assumed I already believed.

Thanksgiving went okay, I suppose. I made macaroni and cheese; sausage, spinach and mushroom dressing; and whole cranberry relish. My mom made the turkey and the mashed potatoes and there was broccoli salad with cranberries and almonds and someone must've heated up some corn, but I stayed away from that starchy nonsense. The family was aiight. We had a few games; talked a little... I dunno. It was unremarkable, I guess.

But today I shopped. I went to Express where they were giving away scarves with any purchase. I bought two shirts and got a scarf for free. Cheers. Then I went to Expo Design Center. They are waaaay understaffed at this store, I have to say. It was impossible to find help. I bought a chandelier, though, and it looks beautiful. PLUS it was really cheap as chandeliers go. Then I went home and installed that shit.
Yes, I know how to install electrical fixtures. I was quite proud of myself, actually.

Christmas shopping? What's that about? I shop for myself.