Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea. —Henry Fielding

03 November 2004

After This I Will Try Not to Post About the Election

A friend of mine told me she thinks those who voted for Bush just swallowed a pack of lies and believed them and voted that way because they're stupid. But I believe it's much much worse than that.

50% of this country actually believes that:

  • Women should have fewer choices about their own bodies.

  • Homosexuals should be second-class citizens, perhaps even criminals.

  • War is better than peace.

This is difficult for me to believe, and yet, when I look at the numbers, this is what they tell me. Voters who sided with Bush who claim not to support those three items are delusional. If you vote for them, you support them.

50% of this country voted yesterday to maintain the status quo. And this morning my heart was broken. I feel as though someone close to me has died. But I must learn how to live like this for at least four years into the future. I told myself today that I would just take a deep breath and cross the bridges when I come to them.

Hope, my friends, is not on the way: at least in the near future.


I heard today that things do not look good for the chief, either. Chief Justice Rehnquist is ailing badly.


My show, Valparaiso opens tomorrow. If you want to come and you need directions/info, comment, and I'll hook you up. I am very excited about it.